About Us

Our team has been working on skin creams that can extend telomeres for many years, with our first patent in telomere extending skin creams being in 2019.

Our mission is to target the actual drivers of skin aging. Our Chief Science Officer, Raymond D. Palmer, is trained in genetics, biochemistry, epigenetics, cell biology, immunology, inflammation, drug delivery systems, nucleic acid therapies, and much more. Ray works with numerous universities in Australia and America, and also numerous biotech companies to develop technologies that can rewind time in  not just skin, but also all major human tissues, such as the heart, lung, liver, kidney's and much more.

Ray's focus is human aging, and Teloskin was an obvious gap in the market where aspects of cell metabolism, gene function, and telomeres were not being addressed appropriately for an efficient "anti-aging" skincare routine. 

You can learn more about Ray our Chief Scientist, by clicking here.

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Whilst some creams enhance the appearance of the skin, our skincare products both enhance appearance and work from the inside out. 

We believe that skin aging can be managed, slowed, and may be reversed if skin cell populations are increased, as this should result in higher levels of proteins such as collagen, elastin, fibronectin, laminin, hyaluronic acid, and more.

Research continues to be performed, as Teloskin's evolving technology becomes more powerful each year. We are learning the secrets of skin aging and how to deliver specific molecules to the cell surface, where certain receptors initiate a signaling cascade that ends inside the nucleus, where our chromosomes are.
Teloskin does not make claims of overnight improvements, true biology takes time, whether its hair growing or a wound healing. Results can be seen in as early as six weeks to a year, depending on age, genetics, and skin health.

Remember, if you are running out of skin cells, your skin will age, period, and there is no easy way to say that. So even though you may use other brands, incorporate a skin cream that can prevent further loss of skin cells and provide an immediate line of defense. 


Our mission is to revolutionize skincare by pioneering products that extend telomeres and inhibit the activity of interleukin 17, prevent senescent cells, boost mitochondria, and regulate epigenetic expression. We offer our customers a unique approach to combating skin aging. We are committed to unlocking the secrets of cellular longevity, merging cutting-edge science with nature's finest ingredients to create formulations that not only rejuvenate the skin but also protect its fundamental structures from premature aging. Our dedication to innovation, quality, and efficacy guides our journey to empower individuals with the confidence of radiant, youthful skin through every phase of life.

Customer satisfaction is at our core. Understanding customer skincare requirements and delivering high tech skincare technologies that are powerful, game-changing, and results based defines TeloSkin.

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