Part-proceeds of Teloskin's profits goes back into research on how to reverse the aging of all human tissues, such as brain, heart, lung, liver, kidneys, skin, bone and more.

The Chief Science Officer of Teloskin, Raymond D Palmer is planning a human trial to reverse the effects of tissue aging and prevent the onset of aged related disease.

Our purpose is more than skin deep here, as our specialty is "tissue reprogramming", making tissues exhibit youthful biomarkers, as they once did.

There are many startups and approaches in the field of aging, from gene editing, cellular reprogramming, to what our Chief Scientist is working on, which is tissue reprogramming.

Imagine a world where an 80 year old can reprogram their tissues to exhibit the biomarkers of a 50 year old? This technology is much closer than you think. 

Experiments have already been completed with mice, where mice did not show any of the hallmarks of aging and lived 30% longer. This is an exciting time, as the mysteries surrounding the drivers of aging are rapidly being unraveled.

The next juncture is to perform a phase 1 and 2 trial on humans in 2025. If this technology works only 20% of what the scientific team think it can, then this type of technology will become one of the largest markets conceivable, as anyone healthy or sick, over the age of forty or fifty would most likely opt in to ensure their tissues do not decline in function. 

The trick is to treat aging like a disease, and in order to do that, we first need to understand the human body and what controls it. Very simply, we are like computers that use computer code. Our bodies use genetic code.

Even without editing that genetic code, we can still influence living organisms greatly, by influencing what genetic code is used and what is not. As we age, different genes are turned up or down (this is called gene expression). We know how to restore the youthful genetic environment in human tissues.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you are a scientist, journalist, investor, or interested person, and we will do our best to accommodate you. 


The Teloskin Team