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Epigenetic Test Kit - Coming Soon

Epigenetic Test Kit - Coming Soon

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Comparison of Your Biological Age vs. Your Chronological Age

Your biological age can vary significantly from your chronological age depending on your lifestyle and environmental factors. This difference is related to the length of your telomeres, which are protective caps on the tips of the chromosomes in your DNA strands (hence why Teloskin focuses on telomere health when it comes to skincare). These caps tend to naturally shorten and deteriorate over time, but unhealthy choices and external factors can accelerate this process.

For instance, even though you may be 44 years old according to your birthdate, your DNA analysis might reveal that your biological age is closer to 68 years old. Think of your “biological age” as a reliable genetic indicator of your overall health.

Both of Teloskin's tests provide insights into your “true age” and offer recommendations on how to improve it, allowing you to maintain a youthful state of health for as long as possible.

Epigenetic Insights for Your Health and Wellbeing

Our epigenetic gene test looks at the hundreds of thousands of biomarkers that sit just above your genes to provide you with personalized reports on how your overall health and wellbeing are genetically influenced by your lifestyle choices. That includes what you eat, how you work out, and environmental factors.

The report is very accessible and includes insights on:

  • The diet that’s best for you
  • The micronutrients that you need more of
  • Exercises you should be doing
  • How to best recover after you exercise
  • How many calories you probably need

In short, the lab’s epigenetic analysis renders a report with actionable feedback on what might be stifling your weight loss and healthy aging goals.

Performing test each year can help you understand how you are aging and if health and fitness interventions are working. 

Depending on where you’re ordering from, your at-home DNA test kit should arrive in your home within a few days after you place your order on the website. Here’s what’s in the kit:

  • Simple instructions
  • A tube for the saliva sample
  • A stabilizing pill that preserves the sample during shipping
  • A prepaid return envelope

In your kit, you’ll find a tube equipped with a barcode. It’s essential to register this code, either by scanning it or inputting it manually, to track the progress of your results. Before collecting your saliva sample, it’s important to abstain from eating, drinking, chewing gum, smoking, or brushing your teeth for at least 30 minutes.

To collect your sample, start by unscrewing the lid of the tube, which already contains a stabilizing liquid for your sample. Spit into the tube until it reaches the 4ml mark. Your saliva will mix with the preservation solution. Once the tube is filled, replace the funnel with the cap and securely close it. Finally, place the sealed tube in the provided envelope and mail it back to the address provided in the kit. 

Super simple for deep scientific insight. 


The Teloskin Team


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